Contracting and Construction Services

For Vancouver Island’s Resort & Tourism Industry

what we do

Timbercoast provides contracting and construction services for Vancouver Island’s resort and tourism industry. Remote, pristine locations require a different approach and a different kind of builder. Timbercoast designs unique and practical structures, guiding the process with informed decisions that impact the environment and business operations as minimally as possible.

How we do it, differently

Great projects start with a meticulous plan. We work with clients to implement their goals and achieve their desired outcomes through an efficient use of financial and material resources. Timbercoast is a “Whole Site Builder,” meaning we don’t just plunk a building on site without responding to and integrating the environment it occupies. Wherever possible, we refinish reclaimed materials, reduce or reuse construction waste, preserve natural site features, and practice “no trace” landscaping. This approach results in unique, functional spaces, conserved resources, and reduced costs.

All aspects of a build – from design to excavation to plumbing – are managed directly by Timbercoast, nothing is sub-contracted out. We wear the tool belt throughout the entire process. This ensures the highest possible level of quality and communication for your project. Business continuity is prioritized, so you can continue to operate with a minimal disturbance to guests, staff, and partners during construction.




Originally a custom, handmade furniture operation, Timbercoast quickly broadened into complex, full scale builds, upgrades, and expansions for remote, difficult-to-access, and environmentally sensitive sites all over the West Coast. We still make beautiful, handcrafted furniture onthe side.


Timbercoast has 18 years of construction, remodelling, and building maintenance experience on Vancouver Island. We’ve done numerous remote builds in challenging environments for both on and off-grid systems. Our solid client roster is built on long-term relationships.